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md cosmetic skincare

With a new year comes a bunch of new goals and resolutions. Now over the years, I’ve always said I’ll make a resolution and well let’s just say two days later it’s broken. Instead, I’ve found setting intentions and goals throughout the year is much more feasible and attainable.

Stepping up my Skincare

One of my goals was to get myself on a better skincare routine, or just a skincare routine for that matter! Let it be known that when it comes to achieving and maintaining flawless skin and a youthful appearance, your genes can only do so much for you. Luckily I did inherit decent skin (thanks mom and dad) but with that, it only goes so far and I definitely don’t want to take it for granted.

For years, I’ve been using random drug-store name products that I really don’t know what they are good for or how they would help my skin. Heck, who knows if they even did a thing – for all know I was just rubbing a random cream on my face thinking it was providing some sort of benefits. Plus, if I am being honest – I rarely followed a routine yet alone washed my face *cringe*. I was one of those people who slept with their makeup on almost every night… EEK!

md cosmetic skincare

Where to Start

Ideally, the primary step of building a skincare routine is booking a consultation with an expert skin care specialist. Luckily for me, MD Cosmetic was right there to help me. Upon my first visit, I had a consultation where they evaluated my skin health and based on that, gave recommendations as to what type of products and ingredients you should be aiming to use or stop using. Plus I was recommended a number of treatments to coincide with my new skincare routine to better improve my complexion. There are basic skincare steps that will work wonders for you regardless of your skin type and concerns you’re having.

Customized Skincare Program

These are the following products I am using on a daily (in this order):

Morning Routine

  1. ZO® Skin Health Gentle Cleanser
    Washing your face is an essential part of any skincare routine. It prevents your pores from getting clogged by makeup, dust, and dirt that your skin is constantly exposed to every day. For this cleanser, I only use a dime-size amount and mix it with water. Ideally, you should be washing your face at least twice a day. Always start with a freshly cleansed face in the morning before you put on any makeup. Also, never go to bed without washing your face again at night. An end of day cleanse is to get rid of the makeup and impurities that have accumulated in your skin throughout the day. Find the perfect facial cleanser that will get rid of the grime without stripping off the essential oils in your skin. Steer clear of cleansers that contain abrasive ingredients and harsh chemicals, which could lead to irritation.
  2. ZO® Skin Health Exfoliating Polish
    Skin exfoliation comes with a lot of amazing benefits. When you exfoliate, you remove the top layer of the skin, which is made up of dry, dull, and dead skin cells that seal off the pores and traps impurities that lead to acne and skin breakouts. In addition, it also boosts the absorption of skincare products into the skin, making them work even better. For the polish, you only need a dime-size amount. I mix it with a little bit of water and gently scrub for about 30 seconds, two-three times a week. This is a perfect product if you want to fight the early signs of ageing proactively. Also by regularly exfoliating the skin will stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production, which is a crucial component of skin renewal.
  3. iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex
    YOUTH EYE COMPLEX is a breakthrough formula that utilizes advanced technologies to combat the visual signs of ageing. This formula is clinically proven to target visual areas of concern and, as a result, skin looks firmer and more resilient. Powerful peptides, key growth factors, and potent antioxidants help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and visibly brighten the under-eye area to keep skin smooth, hydrated and protected all day long. Just think of it as having 4 key goals (plus many more) but these are the ones I am after Rapidly Smoothes & Hydrates, Reduces Puffiness & Dark Circles. I gently squeeze about half a pump on my ring fingers and dab under the eyes and around my brow bone.
  4. MD Cosmetic Peptide Serum
    Say hello to fewer lines and wrinkles! Hand-selected and created by Dr. Alibhai himself this serum is one of a kind! The body’s natural messengers for repairing tissues, peptides are essential to younger-looking skin. MD Cosmetic has developed its own peptide serum, packed with six of the most potent peptides to reverse the signs and symptoms of ageing, from wrinkle depth and volume to skin tone and texture. I apply 1-2 drops twice a day to my entire face and neck. Honestly, it feels like I am rubbing silk all over my skin!
  5. iS Clinical Moisturizing Complex
    iS Clinical Moisturizing Complex renews and protects dry, damaged skin. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture to the skin to improve smoothness and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful and radiant complexion. Vitamins A and E nourish and protect against environmental damage to prevent early signs of ageing. Again apply 1-2 pumps and bring down the neck. A moisturizer is key to any skincare as its locking in all that moisture and good stuff your skin needs to stay hydrated all day (and night).

  6. ZO Skin Health Sunscreen + Primer (SPF 30)
    For me, I rarely if ever wear sunscreen. The only time I recall using it was when we went to Mexico almost two years ago and I applied it to my face and ears… I naturally have a lot of freckles and pigmentation that I soon learned I’d have signs of ageing a lot faster due to sun damage to my skin. So getting a proper SPF and primer was essential as part of my routine and frankly one of the top things my skincare specialist Liana recommended. This dual-action sunscreen, with ZOX12® complex, protects against the damaging effects from UVA/UVB and IR-A rays, and from HEV light. Hydrates and doubles as a makeup primer for a smooth matte finish, diminishing skin imperfections.

Nighttime Routine

  1. Gentle Cleanser – (cleanse for 60 seconds – longer in the evening than the morning).
  2. Eye Complex
  3. MD Serum
  4. Moisturizing Complex

At the end of the day, I learned that nothing beats sticking to a solid skincare routine to get you through the hustle and bustle of life. Yes, some of these products can add up due to their price and being medical-grade skincare. But honestly, you won’t need to buy another skincare product and these last for many months! So you really are getting your money’s worth. Plus, why would you not want to take care of your skin by investing in the right skincare?

I am honestly SO happy with only being into my new skincare journey for about 3 weeks. I’ve already noticed a huge difference in my skin and the way it feels. I even go days without putting makeup on and just rocking my fresh face – hallelujah! I’m so glad I started this before getting into my 30’s so I can make better and healthier changes to my body now before it’s too late. A huge thank you to MD Cosmetic for getting me set on the right path!

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This post is in partnership with MD Cosmetics in Abbotsford. All opinions and views expressed are my own. The product was provided for this review.